PeopleCan’s Profitable Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who’s been searching for your ‘tribe?’

You know… those people who are business owners JUST LIKE YOU who are serious about achieving their goals
AND making money while making a difference in the world?
(Yes, I said MONEY! Let me state for the record right now that it is NOT a bad word!)

If this description fits you, then you need to join…

PeopleCan’s Profitable Entrepreneurs Inner Circle!

Photo of Debbie Adams holding her two books

So… you’re a business owner. You took the plunge into entrepreneurship, hung up your shingle, and waited for the world to beat a path to your door.

But somehow your dream didn’t quite have the fairy tale ending you expected.

It doesn’t matter that you put in 100+ hours a week trying to create the perfect marketing platform to showcase your biz.

It doesn’t matter that you’ve spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in advertising only to see a minimal return (if any) on your investment.

But it DOES matter that you’ve hit a concrete wall,
unsure of how to propel your business out of the basement

and into the streets before you go belly up!

And that’s where I, Debbie Adams, aka Ms. Profit Maven, come in.

I was a remarkable employee. You know what I mean because you were likely one as well. I bet when you left your last job they had to hire more than one person to replace you. You know how to get stuff done and don’t mind rolling up your shirt sleeves and putting the work in to finish a job.

Frankly, I ended up in business because no one was interested in hiring a disabled person – so I decided to hire myself. My toughest learning curve was overcoming century’s old conditioning around making money and learning how to pay myself what I was worth. (Yup – there’s that ‘money’ word again!)

I was what I call a “reluctant entrepreneur” meaning that I felt forced into creating my own J.O.B. in order to put food on the table. Yet what I really needed was a “go to” person to give me some insider tips on what to do to get a sale and create raving repeat clients. But I could barely afford to feed my daughter let alone hire a business coach. Instead I learned the hard way, spending way too much money in the wrong places, and often thinking of quitting because it was just too hard.

Fast forward 8 years and I now have two businesses and am in the process of publishing my fourth book. It goes without saying that I am no quitter and have learned a thing or two about a thing or two in how to run a business.

You may well be the best at what you do, but sometimes being an expert just isn’t enough.

That’s why I’ve started PeopleCan’s Profitable Entrepreneur Inner Circle membership group because I want to give people what I didn’t have – a place to go to find out what to do next!

“Debbie has this ability to see the bigger picture and to provide a lot of support during transition. Filling events, difficult conversations, using a process for decision making, working out profit share arrangements. Looking at things through the lens of a professional business woman.”

~ Jasmin MacKinnon, RMT, Coach, Author “Fuck Fear”

There are many people out there starting out on their own who were the best employee at their former place of work. They were the peeps who showed up early, left late, worked through their lunch hours and always went the extra mile for their boss. However, it takes something more than sheer willpower to be successful in business. A whole lot more.

And that’s what you’ll learn when you join us in the

PeopleCan’s Profitable Entrepreneurs Inner Circle!

First off, I had to learn to charge large and sell to people who had ten times the disposable income that I had. I used to cringe when I named my price to prospective clients, but not anymore. I had to learn to appreciate the value that I was offering – the expertise that I was sharing with people. This led to me comfortably being able to charge what I was worth.

In short, I learned how to easily and effectively make
in my business!

During Debbie’s 30 Day Sales Challenge, not only was I able to set bigger goals and achieve them, but I was also able to build a network outside of my geographical location. Debbie provided encouragement and candid feedback that allowed me to write more effective sales copy for my training. I consider Debbie a valuable colleague in the coaching community.

Liz M. Raymond, Expert Bookkeeper and Coach, Ottawa, Ontario

The Labrador West Status of women invited Debbie Adams to speak at our 2015 International Women’s Day Bread & Roses supper and Debbie inspired our women with her keynote address and rejuvenated our women with her ‘Stop Dreaming, Start Doing’ Workshop. Debbie presentations were very motivational and uplifting. Debbie is a no nonsense, tells it as it is person. She is honest, outgoing with great sense of humor and Newfoundlander to heart. We loved her!

Noreen Careen, Executive Director, The Labrador West Status of Women

Debbie speaks from the heart and from her experiences and can relate to tradeswomen on a personal level. Her wealth of knowledge and presentation style is unique and captivating. Debbie has captured a great “down to earth” concept with PeopleCan, one which the average person can relate to and learn from. She is definitely servicing a need in a way that could be replicated throughout the country.

Karen Walsh, Executive Director, Office to Advance Women Apprentices
Open hands holding a pile of Canadian coins

So… what will you get from joining this kick start Inner Circle you ask?

Here’s a sample of what you will get once you’re a participant of this group:

  • 2 full workshops per month – Not fluff and simply listening to me ramble on and on, but participant oriented workshops that help you to sell your products and service.

  • 2 half-day e-coaching per month with me – This is where I am available for a full half-day just for you to coach you live in the group on any topic that you want to know more about.

  • Access to one free book club a year – These are powerful discussion panels on books that can increase your profitability exponentially! The next book we’ll be reading and discussing is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, a must read for anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • Member discounts on other courses offered throughout the year – I’m constantly creating new and exciting content to help entrepreneurs reach new levels of success in their business and you’ll be the first to get a discounted rate when they become available.

  • One on one coaching – Twice a month you will be able to book a 15 minute coaching phone call with me to discuss a topic that is front of mind for you.

This is the part where I talk about how much it will cost you to join in this exciting and information group, although I’m going to refer to the price as an ‘investment’ in your businesses’ future growth potential.

To learn all about the tips, techniques, and training I’ve learned over the years, plus have access to me personally to ask any business questions you may have will require a (are you ready for this?) …

$67.00 (plus HST) per month

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ll break this down even further for you. The price of this valuable content works out to roughly 20 large lattes (or 38 large cups of coffee at one of Canada’s favourite coffee houses).

Folks, I am offering you a terrific membership program at a really great price. Think of all the stress I’m going to save you from suffering by removing some of the roadblocks I had to overcome to get to where I am today. That alone should make you want to email me today to sign up.


  • If you’re tired of not getting paid what you KNOW you’re worth…
  • If you’re frustrated at not being able to get answers to questions on how to propel your business forward…
  • If you’re eager to make some serious money (without feeling guilty about it!)…

I’m looking forward to working with you!

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