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Goalsetting Essential – How visioning can impact your bottom line in business.

Are you a business person who has set a big revenue goal for yourself this year? Do you have a plan to achieve that goal? What we have learned is that people who achieve big goals use a technique called visioning. Visioning is much more than just dreaming up a picture of success. It’s a set of skills that aligns your thoughts with your actions and has been proven to produce amazing results. We are going to teach you the process during this interactive workshop.

Can you recall the last time you achieved something big in your life? Think about how fired up you were about it before it even happened? You didn’t just dream about it, you added emotion to that dream and you made it happen.

Most goal setting workshops focus upon the action steps you need to take to get to your revenue goal. They seldom talk about the internal work – visioning is a set of steps that will help you create a mind that will support success.

During this lunch and learn we will:

  • Teach you a proven method of practice that works to elevate your emotions about a goal you have set so that you can get one step closer to achieving that revenue goal this year.
  • Explain the science behind positive thinking and how the way you think impacts your ability to achieve a goal.
  • Provide exercises that will help you to start a daily practice to develop an internal success habit.
  • Connect with like minded business people who need to know who you are and what you do and where to find you in case they’re looking for your services.

I know what you’re thinking, this is all foo foo – but it isn’t.

Every successful person out there knows that the way you think impacts your bottom line. Join us and learn to think your way to success.

Meet the Instructor

Debbie Adams is an award-winning speaker and business coach. She is a 3-time published author and owner of PeopleCan Training and PeopleCan Taxes. Her book Money Mindset: How Changing My Mind About Money Helped Me to Succeed as an Entrepreneur chronicles her journey from poverty to abundance mindset.  She loves inspiring other business people to understand their own money story and challenge their own assumptions so that they can build profitable businesses. Find her podcast #UnderTheHood by clicking here.