Debbie Adams teaches people to kick-ass at work and in life.

Everything Law of Attraction: Think – Speak – Act your way to success.
Small Business Coaching: Profitable Sooner and Profitable Again. Designed for entrepreneurs with the courage to take that next intimidating leap in business.
Curriculum Design and Support for those who support Entrepreneurs: Specializing in forced/reluctant entrepreneurs (at risk adults, persons with disabilities, veterans, post-retirement consulting)

Photo of Debbie Adams standing at the door to her business.

Ideal for

  • New business start-ups.

  • Business transitions, such as due to illness.

  • Advocacy, such as representation at small claims court.

  • Due diligence, such as with tendering and sub contracting.

  • Research, such as for proposal preparation.

Debbie helps you

  • Focus your vision.

  • Learn what steps to take.

  • Get the necessary training.

Grow With Debbie