Benefits of Membership in Profitable Entrepreneurs

Over the years I have paid to belong to at least 8 membership groups. Each of them had an attraction for some time but there are two that I remain faithful to. One is the The Canadian Coach and the other is Women [...]

Why I study Napoleon Hill: Dreamers dream even when they have no idea where the resources come from.

The instructor asked a question,"If money were not an issue, what kind of home would you live in?"I actually sat there and didn't even respond - this exercise seemed like a waste of time to me. What was the sense [...]

The eBook Experience – A Great Tool for Freelance Trainers and Coaches

Why write an eBook at all? Lots of reasons especially if you're in the training world. It really helps to get your name out there to establish credibility. It is an excellent way to reach people and share what we know [...]