When you’re hiring a Virtual Assistant, these are the things to consider.

What a view!!I'm blessed to have an awesome Virtual Assistant (VA) but it took a couple of tries to find one that would work well for me. Here is what I discovered as I was going along.1. They don't need [...]

Let the Play Come to You

Every now and then someone uses a line and I think to myself "I'm soooo using that line." Pastor Larry Levy of the Vineyard in Lower Sackville (fondly referred to as The Ice Cream Church in the local area) dropped [...]

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Law of Attraction – it’s for everyone but it sure does feel weird in the beginning!!

Photo by Emily Murphy My world turned upside down inĀ  2009, I went from frying pan to fire after 6 years of trying to make a better life. I was a mess as I sat there on the step watching [...]

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Are you a planner or a doer?

There are benefits and burdens in being at the extremes - are you a planner or a doer? When I need a plan written, I love giving it to an extreme planner - they don't miss anything. I can write [...]

My Pet Peeve – Poorly Designed Curriculum for Business Courses

I've taken a lot of business courses - someĀ  were extremely helpful but there are a lot of programs that are poorly designed. There is a hierarchy of skills that business people need to develop. I see people out there [...]

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