Benefits of Membership in Profitable Entrepreneurs

Over the years I have paid to belong to at least 8 membership groups. Each of them had an attraction for some time but there are two that I remain faithful to. One is the The Canadian Coach and the other is Women [...]

Claim the space – Expert in…

My 'word" for the year is "spotlight". I've been holding back and not claiming my space. A few years back I worked with a coach who encouraged me to claim an expert space. I dabbled in it... Expert in New [...]

Save time and money – market to the ideal client.

Imagine someone trying to sell you something that you are not in the market for. Recently someone tried to sell me a cutting board. I wasn't in the market for a cutting board but that person continued to tell me [...]

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How do you creatively market your business?

What a great day!!! Eight business people coming together to share a lunch that had a strategically random flavour. How did this happen? I am always trying to think of new ways to market my business - events that pack [...]

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The eBook Experience – A Great Tool for Freelance Trainers and Coaches

Why write an eBook at all? Lots of reasons especially if you're in the training world. It really helps to get your name out there to establish credibility. It is an excellent way to reach people and share what we know [...]