What you focus on expands!!!

I've always enjoyed Dr. Wayne Dyer and his profound teachings. We miss you Dr. Dyer. What you focus upon expands he said. I've had times in my life when I have had runaway thoughts - about how crappy the day [...]

Law of Attraction – it’s for everyone but it sure does feel weird in the beginning!!

Photo by Emily Murphy My world turned upside down in  2009, I went from frying pan to fire after 6 years of trying to make a better life. I was a mess as I sat there on the step watching [...]

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Getting tired of not achieving goals? Is it time to check in to see if your “certainty” tank is filled?

A lot of folks get caught up in the "actions" that are required to achieve a goal. But that's not where you should be initially focusing all of your energy.The fuel that drives "right action" is our belief system. Wouldn't [...]

Why I study Napoleon Hill: Dreamers dream even when they have no idea where the resources come from.

The instructor asked a question,"If money were not an issue, what kind of home would you live in?"I actually sat there and didn't even respond - this exercise seemed like a waste of time to me. What was the sense [...]

It isn’t enough to dream of a better life, you have to believe it’s going to happen. That’s how you create a better life.

The title of this post is kind of telling - it isn't your ability to dream that helps you to create a better life. It's your ability to dream and expect the things that you desire. That's been my learning [...]

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