My Pet Peeve – Poorly Designed Curriculum for Business Courses

I've taken a lot of business courses - some  were extremely helpful but there are a lot of programs that are poorly designed. There is a hierarchy of skills that business people need to develop. I see people out there [...]

Getting tired of not achieving goals? Is it time to check in to see if your “certainty” tank is filled?

A lot of folks get caught up in the "actions" that are required to achieve a goal. But that's not where you should be initially focusing all of your energy.The fuel that drives "right action" is our belief system. Wouldn't [...]

Why I study Napoleon Hill: Dreamers dream even when they have no idea where the resources come from.

The instructor asked a question,"If money were not an issue, what kind of home would you live in?"I actually sat there and didn't even respond - this exercise seemed like a waste of time to me. What was the sense [...]

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