It will start early. The flood of pictures on social.

“My hubby made me heart shaped pancakes and wiped the snow off my car for Valentine’s Day!!”

Then there will be the collage of pictures – maybe 20 or more – of the fun time that they have with a spouse. It’s almost as if they’re saying “Look at how in love we are.” But that’s really not what they’re saying. That’s what you assume when you’re feeling sorry for yourself. If we had someone special in our lives, chances are we would post it today as well.

I love Valentine’s Day not because it’s a day for lovers but because it’s a day for love. I especially love looking in the mirror and acknowledging how much I appreciate and respect myself. Not all of the pictures that will float through your feed will tell an accurate back story.

So here’s what to do when you start feeling sorry for yourself today.

  1. Do something special for yourself. For me it’s flowers and a massage.  I can remember a time when it was tough to get out of the pity party but you have to push through that. Get out there and make life better for someone else if you can’t do something for yourself.
  2. Share the day with someone you care for. For me it’s a few of the ladies in my world who mean so much to me. I also have some special couples who have included me but the reality is – I don’t want to be a fifth wheel on this day. I do take time to let people know how much I care for them and for the couples who have included me in their day – I am so grateful.
  3. Stay off social if it gets to you that much. People, me included, cherry pick images to display on social. We all know that. Remind yourself of that today. If you can’t celebrate their love because of where you are today, then at least avoid the triggers.
  4. Love yourself in whatever way you need to be loves. Keep it legal. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!!