What a view!!

I’m blessed to have an awesome Virtual Assistant (VA) but it took a couple of tries to find one that would work well for me. Here is what I discovered as I was going along.

1. They don’t need to know it all but they do have to be teachable. This is a must for me. I have to have things a certain way to work with my systems. It takes time to teach someone and there’s nothing worse than someone who is set in their ways and don’t want to learn anything new.

2. It helps if they’re real comfy with technology especially if you’re like me – low tech in all that I do. I hire to my weakness and I also want her to take over some of my duties which leads me to the next thing that is essential.

3. They have to appreciate that when you have a process that works, they need to follow that process or have a darn good reason why they won’t use your tried and true.

4. Pay them what they’re worth – the range that they charge is anybodies guess. But you know the value in what they’re providing – pay them what they are worth. I’ve got a hangup about taking advantage of people. Probably comes from being taken advantage of. Pay them what they are worth.

5. For entrepreneurs with disabilities – an awesome VA can really make or break your business. After all, they can help us scale the extra barriers.