A lot of folks get caught up in the “actions” that are required to achieve a goal. But that’s not where you should be initially focusing all of your energy.

The fuel that drives “right action” is our belief system. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to ensure that we have a full talk before we head out?

 Let’s break it down.

If you’re living your life on purpose, you have taken some serious time this past month to set business goals for 2017. You also know how to write a goal as if it were already achieved. Having done this, you have come up with a solid plan for how you will proceed to ensure that when the year comes to a close, you will have achieved these goals.

What happens in life and in business in particular is that we make a plan, work hard on our plan, get real busy and we…..don’t come near achieving the BIG GOALS that we have set for ourselves.

I’m not here to talk about accountability, check ins, or whether you can manage time well. No, I want to talk about your belief system – that little seed that can make or break even the most thorough and well laid out plan.


How certain were you when you put those goals down on paper that you could actually achieve them? Be honest with yourself.

Are you shaking your head right now because you hadn’t really given it much thought before?  You’re in good company. It’s an area that often gets neglected.

Just as a car needs fuel to move forward – your plans and dreams also need fuel.

Belief is our fuel – certainty is high octane energy that fires us up and keeps us focused when the going gets tough. It makes perfect sense to glance at the “Certainty Gauge” before you set out on a new journey and at regular intervals along the way.


I can gauge my “Certainty Level” by visioning. If I struggle to envision a day with the goal already achieved, it tells me that I am feeling a little uncertain in my belief about achieving that goal. If I can’t write a page on what a day will look like with the goal already achieved, I know that my fuel is low and I need to do something about it.

Writing has always helped me to fill my tank. I meditate and sit quietly with “MY WHY” for setting that particular goal in the first place.

I don’t believe in wasting time or spinning tires – it’s important that I have the belief system primed (the fuel tanks filled) before I take action or spend money on my business.

With a full tank of certainty, the likelihood of achieving a goal is greatly increased.

After all, success hinges on our belief that we can make it happen – spend time checking on your certainty levels and elevating your beliefs in the early days and you won’t regret it down the road.  

After all you can only achieve that which you believe you can.

I would love to hear about your strategies to elevating your certainty.