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What past Bootcamp participants had to say:


PeopleCan Training offered us a Business Boot Camp program in early 2015. Since we're still young in our business lifespan we jumped at the chance to learn how to do marketing and other business administration needs. As an IT company we specialize in troubleshooting and this is how we think: Give us a problem, we'll find a solution. But business administration and financial management is not usually a key skill that IT professionals possess. This is what we were looking for coming into this program, and PeopleCan Training delivered! We were able to take the handout workbooks and reflect on how we work and project how we can improve. Thanks to PeopleCan Training we were able to understand how to track finances and project our year 2-3 in a way that makes sense to how we think. As a once a week over 6 week course it allowed us to ask questions to other people in the program and directly to PeopleCan Training. We were part of the test phase and the deployment phase of this program and we've recommended it to other businesses.

- Scott Pettie, PCWizrd


Until I met Debbie Adams my ideas and entrepreneurial desires were spinning out of control. Debbie helped guide me down the right path with her trusted advice while her "PeopleCan" attitude inspired me to no end. Moz Studios has benefited greatly from her Business Bootcamp program and coaching. PeopleCan training is worth the investment as I will continue to work with Debbie to develop my career goals.

- Renée Downs, Moz Studios


As a professional network marketer I knew that it was important to learn more about the business world which is what led me to PeopleCan Training and Development's Business Boot Camp. Not only did this Boot Camp work around my busy schedule, but it helped me learn how to take my business more seriously and to move it to the next level. Debbie is a very knowledgeable instructor with a lot of warmth in her approach. She will lead you down a path where you will discover what the business world expects you to know about your business and in turn help you to become a better business person. I highly recommend taking the next available course!!

- Sonya Cowper, Arbonne Independent Consultant


The Labrador West Status of women invited Debbie Adams to speak at our 2015 International Women's Day Bread & Roses supper and Debbie inspired our women with her keynote address and rejuvenated our women with her 'Stop Dreaming, Start Doing' Workshop. Debbie presentations were very motivational and uplifting. Debbie is a no nonsense, tells it as it is person. She is honest, outgoing with great sense of humor and Newfoundlander to heart. We loved her!

- Noreen Careen, Executive Director, The Labrador West Status of Women


Debbie speaks from the heart and from her experiences and can relate to tradeswomen on a personal level. Her wealth of knowledge and presentation style is unique and captivating. Debbie has captured a great “down to earth” concept with PeopleCan, one which the average person can relate to and learn from. She is definitely servicing a need in a way that could be replicated throughout the country.

- Karen Walsh, Executive Director, Office to Advance Women Apprentices


What I appreciate about your training is the approach you have to making a connection with people. This connection can be a catalyst that motivates people toward change. You share real life experiences and tools that people can relate too, rather than reading material from a book. You gave me a new perspective on some things and I left the session feeling empowered!

- Jan Murley, Employment Opportunities Partnership, Digby NS