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PeopleCan Profitable Entrepreneurs Membership

Are you an entrepreneur who loves owning your own business? Do you have a desire to seriously increase your revenue? Are you a person who actually does the work when you learn something new? Are you interested in surrounding yourself with a group of people who feel the same way you do? Then this group is for you.


I was a remarkable employee – you know what I mean because you were likely one as well. I bet when you left your last job they had to hire more than one person to replace you. You know how to get stuff done.


I ended up in business because no one was interested in hiring a disabled person – so I decided to hire myself. My toughest learning curve was overcoming centuries old conditioning around making money and learning how to pay myself what I was worth.


As a reluctant entrepreneur what I really needed was a go to person to give me some insider tips on what to do to get a sale. But I could barely afford to feed my daughter let alone hire a business coach. Instead I learned the hard way, spending way too much money along the way and often thinking of quitting.


Fast forward 8 years and I now have two businesses and am in the process of publishing my 4th book. It goes without saying that I am no quitter. I started this membership group because I want to give people what I didn’t have – a place to go to find out what to do next.


If you’re the best at what you do, you’re in a good place but it isn’t enough. There are many people out there starting out on their own who were the best employee. It takes something else to be successful in business. A whole lot more.


I had to learn to charge large and sell to people who had ten times the disposable income that I had. I used to cringe when I named my price but not anymore. I had to learn to appreciate the value that I was offering. This led to me comfortably being able to charge what I was worth.


If you’re intrigued, reach out. Here's a sample of what you will get in this group:

  • 2 full workshops per month – not fluff but workshops that help you to sell your products and service.

  • 2 half day e-coaching per month – this is where I am available for a full half day to coach live on any topic that you want.

  • One free book club a year – next one is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill taking place in October.

  • Member discounts on other courses offered throughout the year.

  • One on one coaching - Twice a month you will be able to book a 15 minute coaching call with Debbie to discuss a topic that is front of mind for you.


As you know, folks like to refer to me as “that lady who teaches you to charge large” but the truth is I’m all about understanding your value. I will help you uncover your unconscious bias against making money and price your products and services respectably. Sign up today!


Cost: 67.00 HST per month

Book early and get the guaranteed earlybird rate of $47.00 month.


Contact info@peoplecan.ca to register.