You’ve always been manifesting – but how do you manifest the good stuff?

I've had a lot of experience with "manifesting" but I don't spend a ton of time breaking down why that is. Let's get something straight here -- all of us are great at manifesting.But not all of us can manifest [...]

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Men have been doing this for centuries.

Having someone say "You're like a man." isn't a bad thing unless of course they're referring to your face hair. This is exactly what a man said to me this week - I have learned over time that it is [...]

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Claim the space – Expert in…

My 'word" for the year is "spotlight". I've been holding back and not claiming my space. A few years back I worked with a coach who encouraged me to claim an expert space. I dabbled in it... Expert in New [...]

What you focus on expands!!!

I've always enjoyed Dr. Wayne Dyer and his profound teachings. We miss you Dr. Dyer. What you focus upon expands he said. I've had times in my life when I have had runaway thoughts - about how crappy the day [...]

Let the Play Come to You

Every now and then someone uses a line and I think to myself "I'm soooo using that line." Pastor Larry Levy of the Vineyard in Lower Sackville (fondly referred to as The Ice Cream Church in the local area) dropped [...]

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Law of Attraction – it’s for everyone but it sure does feel weird in the beginning!!

Photo by Emily Murphy My world turned upside down in  2009, I went from frying pan to fire after 6 years of trying to make a better life. I was a mess as I sat there on the step watching [...]

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