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Debbie Adams

AST. BA. Cert. Ad. Ed.


Debbie Adams 200

Debbie Adams is an edupreneur who inspires people to set big goals and believes that if people have the courage, they can do amazing things. A woman with gentle strength, a speaker with soul and heart, she brings her unique combination of humour, personal experience, and energy to serious topics like business, change and money.


Born in tiny Upper Island Cove, Newfoundland, Debbie has lived in 8 provinces. A diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa may have derailed her for a while but it did not stop her. A single mom on a disability pension was not the vision she saw for herself. After a brutal transition, she reinvented herself. No longer a soldier, or a mechanic, she is now the owner of two businesses.


Learning set her free. Debbie may live with a disability but SHE IS NO LONGER DISABLED. A mechanic who has been to law school, she calls herself a knowledge addict. What she learns, she enjoys sharing with others.


Debbie tells people what they need to hear.

Debbie teaches people how to be the best they can be in life and in business. She does not sugarcoat it. She reminds us that no one is going to make life better for you except you. She offers workshops, seminars, keynotes, and professional development, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, business development, and the advancement of women in non-traditional jobs. Debbie especially enjoys working with folks who have the drive and passion to step outside their comfort zone.


Debbie lives in Nova Scotia with her daughter Alyssa. When she isn’t working, Debbie likes to connect with her redneck roots in the great outdoors.

Debbie laughing